The MGM Band is one of Cleveland’s premier bands. We specialize in Jazz, R&B, Soul, Pop and other musical genres. Established in 2008 with Mike “Babyboy” Bearden (guitarist), Girard Berry (musical director/keyboardist) , Monzarllo “Jeff” Jeffries (keyboardist), Michael “Tank” Bryant (bass player), and Maurice Odom (drummer/band leader); MGM has become one of Cleveland’s popular choices for music enthusiasts. The name ‘MGM’ was designed from the five root members’s first initials of their first names representing more of the band’s originality.

Where we are going

Gibb's Lounge

99 Severance Circle , Cleveland Heights


The MGM Band will be performing at Gibb's Lounge (99 Severance Circle, Cleveland Heights) on Friday, November 28th, from 9:00PM to 11:30PM.


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